l.o.n.g. weekend been and gone!

We need more love in the world with all the killings going on.Also a friend passed away so our love goes out to the family left behind but she is @ peace. its just sad how life has been mapped out for us.. life is so short take everyday and embrace it.

Ive got this!

Should I.. shouldn’t I.. should I.. YUSS.. signed up for 16 week challenge. Whoop Whoop! Pics taken and emailed in, now registered and counting down the months, weeks, days, minutes and secs till the hammer goes down.  Its sounds a l.o.n.g. time but really its 4x 30 day cleanser.. hehe. No brainer carry on with…

Pink Shirt Day!

  Respect each other, speak up, stand together and STOP the bullying!


OHH what will the next flavour be? i hope its mango!! its a seasonal shake and alot of people are wanting Pineapple, fingers crossed it MANGO..

Good Friday

  No chocolate or eggs are going to pass these lips! #nutritionalcleansingprogramme. Be safe where ever your travels take you this weekend.  


Well Glenn must be happy with his new healthy lifestyle because now Julie has joined Team Kick-A$$. A bit pissed thou cause being the same name it didnt reconise her as a new member for me, so i don’t get to be consultant yet- soooo gutted  its what ive was working towards.


here we come!!  First concert ever..people everywhere, all walks of life, WOW the crowd and atmosphere is electric. Perfect weather for a concert. We went on a hunt for a tent that sells t.shirt we were surprised it wasn’t crammed = purchased a t shirt yay.. finally got to our seats which were up stairs thru…


Went to Glenn and Julie’s today.. Julie was just about to head off to work, no rest for the wicked. We took lez PC for Glenn to update.. hes rapt now like a kid in a candy store now he can get back into gameing.   Thanks Glenn for the movies and music wich is…


Crickey we’ll be seeing ya real soon mate!! Ozzie here we come. November cant get here fast enough, and we have an extra this time. Good ole mum is coming with us, hope she can handle us. mind you well be the ones ready for bed and she’ll be the party goer, she has more of…


look what we purchased it arrived today- yes this little beauty is the lean mean fitness machine and im going to be Shaking that bootee!