The best is yet to come!


here we come!!  first ever concert, people everywhere all sorts of walks of life WOW the crowd and atmosphere is electric. Perfect weather for a concert. Finally got to our seats, which were up stairs thru the lounge and on the […]


Went to Glenn and Julie’s today.. Julie was just about to head off to work no rest for the wicked   We took down lez PC for Glenn  to update.. hes rapt now he can get back in to it  And […]


Crickey we’ll be seeing ya real soon mate!! Ozzie here we come. November cant get here fast enough, and we have an extra this time. Good ole mum is coming with us, hope she can handle us. mind you well be […]


Your thinking WTF! by the time you read this then you’ll know. Yep ive just had another birthday, i dont really want to say ‘another year wiser’.. cause am i ? i would like to think i am. Its a […]


  to chloe and myself. I Spent the day out with mum, she made delicious smoked chicken with rice salad for lunch not only healthy but it was yummy as well, thanx mum. Lots of birthday wishes form here and over […]

Birds of a Feather

The other day i was going to see a friend and there was a cache just down by her  i was about to go in for the grab and these trucks of workers came in the area and were watching […]


W.T.F some low life  hacked my bank account i noticed some unauthorized transactions taken out. I have been robbed in a total of $1,063 4c.  The SCUM had a shopping spree on me, then decided to go to a restaurant for […]

Not Giving A F*ck

What a buzz I got a parcel in the post this morning, early Birthday prezzie from Julie & Glenn. Thanx u2 some entertaining reading im sure! It really made my day.  

Just a few

This  morning doing the rounds a few some drive-bys and walk-bys.. only three, but as you cachers know it can take awhile  anyway the smilies look pretty on the bigger picture, and done in 2 countries, check us  kiwiz@gz out. […]